Holy Redeemer History


In 1955, our congregation was formally organized. We started out worshipping in an old farmhouse on E Ave. After 12 years, our congregation relocated from our "house chapel" to our present location, which is located on the corner of Edgewood Rd. and F Ave NW. The church building was built in 1968 and continues to be a welcoming space and place for our people of all ages. 


In 1993, members of Peace Lutheran Church merged and joined together with Holy Redeemer. Together, we are a vibrant group of people committed to being God's hands and feet in the world. In 2009, we added onto our church building. The addition includes: education classrooms, nursery, music room, sacristy, and a bigger kitchen. We believe the addition was necessary in furthering our mission to feed the hungry and foster faith in our young people.


In 2005, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. For over 50 years, we've been finding ways to connect individuals and families to Jesus. We strive to give all people an opportunity to grow through worship, fellowship, Bible study and service.


We hope you join us and become a part of our history as we continue to find ways to partner and work with what God is up to in our community!

Current and Past Pastors

1955  Congregation Founded

1968  Church Building Built

1993  Peace Lutheran & Holy Redeemer become one Church                Community

2005  Celebrated our 50 Year Anniversary

2009  Dedication of Building Addition

1956-1958      Pr. Norman Erickson

1959-1963      Pr. K. Lawrence Peterson

1964-1965      Pr. Wade Koons

1966-1998      Pr. Cedric Lofdahl

1993-1994      Pr. Elwyn Josephson

2000-2011      Pr. Brenda Peconge

2012-2013      Pr. Jo Kinnard

2014-2017      Pr. Pat Fish

2019-present   Pr. Jayne Thompson