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God's Plan

Up until a short while ago, I thought what most people thought about God’s plan. I used it to try and make light of a situation. My phone breaks, I have to repair something, I lose an item, I thought it was all God’s plan, something good will happen out of it.

This is the idea that most Christians have when it comes to God’s plan. After talking about it and thinking more about it, yes there is a plan, and everyone is working towards what they should, but God has a bigger plan.

The plan is to stop evil from happening. God wants all humans to live in peace and prosperity. Bad things still happen though, and it is bigger than a broken phone or a cracked wind shield. People get so worked up on those things they don’t see the good things that happen around them. Take away the money I spent on that new phone, I realize I can replace that phone, unlike some people where they cannot even afford food for dinner. If I think about the disc I lost, then felt the need to replace, I realize that I at least have the ability to have that leisure time.

In the last couple weeks though, as my summer has been winding down and I work less. I stop and look at what God has given us, the beauty around us. I realize that everything I lose is a small bad thing compared to what happens around the world. People spreading hatred and killing. This isn’t what God wants in the world.

People are working for God, the people that have realized all of this before me. The groups that work for the good of the world, are working for God and his plan. He has called them to action to help. So next time somebody asks me if I want to volunteer for a shelter, kitchen, etc. I’m not going to just turn it down. I want to start working for the good of God. I am hopefully doing a service learning when I am in Mexico in a few short weeks, and I hope I get to work for the good of God.

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