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A Message About Holy Week During the COVID19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Dear Holy Redeemer Community, The HRLC Council continues to take the coronavirus global pandemic very seriously. On March 29, the Council met via Zoom to discuss the current situation. After prayerful consideration, council voted unanimously to extended the suspension of all woship services and activities at the church through April 30. Council will continue to monitor and meet to re-evaluate as that date approaches. With this extension, the church office is officially closed. Pastor Jayne, Jackie (music director), and Jeff (administrative assistant) will work from home to the extent possible. Jeff will be at the church once a day to handle mail, check voice mail, and handle any tasks not readily done at home. Susan (custodian) will continue to clean twice per week. In the meantime, Pastor Jayne has spent much time in prayer, thought, study, and discussions with others regarding how to handle Holy Week during a pandemic. This is obviously nothing any of us has faced. While we would love to be together with our congregational family to celebrate this most important week, it is simply not possible. And we can best show love for our neighbors by staying home and celebrating in a different way. Following are a number of activities that we can participate in (as we are able) during Holy Week. Facebook Live (*) streaming worship will continue:

  • April 5, 9:00 am - Palm Sunday (watch recorded version of Facebook or YouTube)

  • April 9, 7:00 pm - Maundy Thursday

  • April 10, 7:00 pm - Good Friday

  • April 12, 9:00 am Easter Sunday

(*) For those not on Facebook, we will be posting recorded versions to YouTube as we are able.

Musical offerings from Jackie:

  • Sunday, April 5: Recorded "mini-concert" of Palm Sunday and Holy Week music for you to enjoy throughout Holy Week. 

  • Sunday, April 12: Recorded "mini-concert" of Easter music to be posted Easter Sunday.

A big thank you to Jackie for making this music available to us!

As we journey together from our homes, you are invited to participate in any of the following ways, if and as you're able. None of these things are necessary, but they may help you to have some sense of creating Holy Week at home. You are invited to...

  • Create paper shapes (palm branches, hearts, butterflies, crosses) using any paper/materials found at home and decorate your window(s) and/or doors. (On our Media page, you can find a file containing a simple cut-out template for each of these shapes, as well as several pictures for your personal use. You can also find hundreds of additional pictures on the internet by searching for "free clip art" and the subject you are looking for - "free clip art heart", etc.)

  • Palm Sunday - Cut some greenery from your yard or cut out a paper palm frond and put in on your door or in your window(s).

  • Maundy Thursday - Cut paper hearts with the words "Love One Another" written on them and put on your door or in your window(s).

  • Good Friday - Darkness, silence and rest

  • Saturday - If you have white lights (Christmas strands, LED candles, etc.), consider putting them in a window or on your door frame. Light them at midnight or early Easter morning.

  • Easter Sunday - Cut paper butterflies with the words "Christ is Risen!" written on them and put on your door or in window(s).

As we continue to navigate how best to be the church in our community during the global pandemic, we thank you for your generous support - of Holy Redeemer and our special offering partners. Offerings have continued to come in via mail and online banking. Please remember to send in Holy Week and Easter offerings this week.

Continue to check your emails for updates and follow us on FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Instagram. If you have any questions, concerns, or prayer requests, please reach out to Pastor Jayne or myself (Jeff).

As we enter into this Holy Week, Pastor Jayne sends you "Blessings and lots of prayers - we are all united in Christ Jesus, wherever we are!"

God's peace and good health!


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